The Desire To Find Purpose

I find myself sitting here, longing to discover the purpose I once had. The purpose I once knew. The purpose, I so desperately need and desire.

Lost in a drunken haze some place between sadness and confusion and anger, I find myself wishing for death, but hoping for life.

I am the sheep that got lost along the path toward salvation and redemption. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Where do we go from here, when the hill seems so high to climb. Where do we lay the burdon when so much lay on our shoulders. Where do we go when the trail is cold and over grown.

On a solitary path that only I can walk, I continue to search. I continue to seek. I continue to try and find the light in the darkness.

To be the light in the darkness.

To create a beacon that all can see, that all will enjoy, that all will sit near for warmth.


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The Man Who Needed New Eyes To See

Thanksgiving reminds me of a story. A story about learning to see things with new eyes. Often times people simply need a new perspective about things in order to change their lives. If we could all remember to see things differently, every day would be a new adventure. Here is the story of the man who needed new eyes to see.

Once upon a time, a fisherman came down with a horrible disease that caused him to become bored and tired with his life. He would spend hours upon hours searching for new things and new ideas to keep him happy and content. He would talk to the greatest minds of his day trying to learn new things and be entertained by new ideas.

To no avail, this fisherman could not find anything to appease him and keep him content in his life and his surroundings. People of his village began to wonder if this young man had become mad. They called for the doctors of the village and all the wisemen to come and evaluate this young man and help him overcome his restlessness.

After weeks of evaluating this young man, nothing could be found that was wrong with him. Yet the young fisherman was still restless and continued to search for new landscapes and adventures. Again, to no avail, he remained restless and bored with his life because everything seemed old and useless to him.

One day while the young man was wondering around the town with a frown on his face, an old hunch backed man with a sack on his shoulders wondered into town. Thinking that he had found something new and entertaining, the young fisherman went to this old man and began to question him.

"Where do you come from?" Asked the young fisherman.

"A place not as beautiful as this." Replied the old man.

"Why do you walk with such a limp?" Asked the fisherman.

"Because time has worn away my body, but not my spirit." Replied the old man.

The questions went on for hours upon hours and before long, the fisherman became bored. As he began to walk away, the old man asked the young fisherman why he was wondering so aimlessly with no place to go and nothing to accomplish.

The fisherman explained to the old man how he had become bored and was unable to discover anything new and exciting in his life. He told the old man of how he had wondered the entire village and all around it as well as talked to every person, including the educated and wise, and was still unable to find anything new.

The old man listened intently to the young mans story and smiled as the young man finished.

"You need new eyes!" The old man exclaimed.

"New eyes? My eyes are perfect." Replied the young man.

"It's not about your eyes being good or bad, but in learning to see new things through the same eyes. You look at the world and see the same things because you haven't learned to see with new eyes." The old man explained.

Many of us live our lives the same way. I can't tell you how often I hear people make the statement, "same old crap different day." It's not the same old crap different day because nothing is ever the same, and nothing stays the same.

Have you learned to see the world through new eyes? Have you learned to look at the "same old crap" with a new perspective? Have you learned how to open you eyes, and your mind, to new possibilities with the same tools and situations.

Learn to see with new eyes, to view the world from a new stand point, and you will be amazed at the things you never noticed before. If things are the same as they have always been, it's because you haven't taken the time to learn how to be inspired. To see things anew and allow them to inspire and motivate you.


5 Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction

There are 5 secrets of the law of attraction that you must understand in order to get the quickest, and best results possible. These are the core teachings of the Wealthy Life Secrets program at An in depth understanding of these 5 secrets is important to understand and apply if you truly with to live the life of your dreams. The 5 secrets are:

1. Addictions and habits. The first secret are your addictions and habits. Every single person is addicted to specific emotions and has specific habits. These emotional addictions and habits dictate our character and who we are. They govern our daily behaviors and responses in situations. Learn what your habits and addictions are, and learn to change them.

2. Being. You are your addictions and habits, in essence. If you are addicted to the emotional high that being a victim brings you, you are in essence a victim. If you are addicted to the emotional high of being happy, you are happy. Your addictions cause you to create habits, and the combination of those two create your level of being.

3. Thoughts. Your thoughts are created by who you are, and your being is created by addictions and habits. If you are addicted to the emotional high of victimization, you will develop habits that allow you to feel and sustain that emotional high, and that combination makes you a victim at your level of being. Your thoughts will wrap themselves around your level of being a victim, or anything else for that matter, and look to support that level of being and emotional addiction.

4. Words. Your words are the first physical representation of your addictions, being, and thoughts. You will speak as a victim speaks, because you feel, are, and think like a victim. You can begin to use your thoughts and your words in order to change your emotional addictions, and there for, change your level of being.

5. Actions. Your actions will line themselves up perfectly with the other four secrets. You cannot avoid it unless you change the other four levels of the secrets. It becomes a vicious loop as your addictions and habits create who you are, which dictates your thoughts, which create your words, which decide what actions you will take. You must start by changing your addictions if you wish to change your actions. Many people try to start with actions, and that is an up hill battle.

The earlier in the change you can effect things, the easier it is to get results. These secrets will always align themselves in order to sustain the emotional addictions and habits unless you consciously take action to change them. Thoughts are the powerful aspect of the secrets, because our thoughts can be used to effect and change any other level. Use your thoughts wisely, and change your addictions, and you begin to change your entire world and reality.

The Law Of Attraction Expert,
Dwayne Gilbert
Wealthy Life Secrets


What Happened To Confidence?

I was speaking at an event last night, and I was amazed at what I had seen. Here was a group of people who truly wanted to succeed. People who sold an image. Yet, most of these people were nothing like the image they were trying to sell. These people had dreams, goals, things they wanted to accomplish. Yet very few of them honestly believed they deserved it or could actually have it.

I look around at people now days and I have to ask, what happened to confidence? In our society today, we have thousands of people telling us who and what to be. Family, friends, the media, magazines, music, athletes, stars. All we have to do is open our eyes and we will see people telling us who and what to be. We have lost the drive to be who we wish to be, who we want to be ourselves.

Especially when working with the law of attraction, we all need to make sure that we love ourselves. That we have a healthy relationship with ourselves. We have to develop the self esteem of knowing that we are perfect as we already are, and be ok with that person. Then we can develop the confidence to be ok with being wrong, being right, simply being.

If you aren't ok with who you are, no one else will be. You must love yourself before anyone else will love you. Develop the ability to be ok with who you are right now. You must also develop the ability to be grateful and happy for who and what you currently are in order to start manifesting and attracting the life you want to live.

Work on your confidence. Develop your self esteem. Work on being the type of person who deserves what you want to have. The type of person who believes they deserve what it is you want.

The Law Of Attraction Expert,
Dwayne Gilbert


What If?

I am sure that many of you have heard this question before, but I feel it needs to be repeated, and repeated, and repeated until people start taking it seriously. The question is simple, "what if you found out you were dieing?"

It's a hard question for many people to ask because people want to avoid and stay distracted from the fact that we are all dieing. I can sympathize with them, but I never did get it. But to each their own. Here is why it's an important question, and probably one of the most valuable ones you can ask.

First of all, we are all going to die no matter how much we avoid it or stay distracted from it. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away any more than ignoring the alligator knawing on your leg will make it go away.

Realizing that you are going to die causes you to open and realize that you have to live because your time is limited, and you never know how limited it is. It forces you to take responsibility for your life on a daily basis and make sure that you are spending each and every moment to your fullest potential.

So ask yourself, "what if I were dieing? What would I do? How would I live?" Ask yourself, and start taking action immediately. Knowing that you are going to die, and admitting it, causes you to realize that you must start taking action today. This is why I created the Wealthy Life Secrets program. To help people learn how to manifest, create, and attract the life of their dreams in the shortest amount of time possible.

Start living like you were dieing, because you are. Each and every breathe we waste on useless thoughts, actions, words, or anything else is a breathe we will never get back. Use each breathe wisely, laugh as much as possible, love deeper than you ever imagined you could, and chase your heart and your dreams with all of your being.

The Law Of Attraction Expert,
Dwayne Gilbert


You Learn Based On What You Are Ready To Learn

Every 2-3 years I take the time to read specific books that I have already read before. There is a hand full of books that I think is important, at least for me, to read over and over again in order to keep growing.

What amazes me is that every single time I read these books, no matter how many times I read these books, I always get something completely new and completely different from these books. The books themselves haven't changed. They remain the same.

What has changed is me. I have changed. So every time I read these books, I am amazed at how much I pick up.

It's important for you to realize that no matter where you are in your learning and understanding, you will only ever get and learn what you are ready to learn. You might have heard something a thousand times, but it might be the 1001 time that you get the lesson behind what is said.

We are always only ever going to learn and understand what we are ready to understand based on where we are. It's important for you to keep growing and learning. Most people never go back and read or learn lessons they have learned before simply because they believe they have learned all that is possible from those lessons.

There is always another level to go. No matter what you have learned, there is always a deeper level to learn about. A next step, or a next phase. Even as something as simple as walking has more to teach and learn about. Just walking alone has balance, muscle movement, joint structure and movement, body dynamics, and much, much more to teach us. All this just from walking.

If this is true about walking, imagine what other things in your life have to teach you that you haven't learned yet. Be willing to open up and realize that no matter what you think you know or have learned, there is always more to learn.

The Law Of Attraction Expert,
Dwayne Gilbert